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Our scope of work relates to legal and international cooperation with a network of global lawyers in the legal matters among countries. With that trend, UNILEGAL, which has advantages of consulting an investment project, enterprise management, real estates, construction, labor, commerce, contract, restructuring and merger & acquisition, is always close with clients in order to provide various service packages with the highest quality and enthusiasm. Moreover, UNILEGAL is also developing in consulting a number of fields such as finance, security, banking, insurance, intellectual property and beyond. Additionally, UNILEGAL always concentrates on comprehensive solutions, ensures clients to achieve all objects and consulting requirements arising during the operation in Vietnam. We have the number of experienced lawyers in wide scope of legal matters as follows:

Enterprise consultation:

– Establishing an enterprise;

– Establishing branch and representative office;

– Changing a business registration;

– Restructuring an enterprise (separation, merger)

– Dissolution and bankruptcy of an enterprsie;

– All licenses related to conditional business lines;

– Converting a form of enterprise.

Consulting a commercial contract.

Consulting in an investment field under the following form as prescribed by law:

– Domestic investment

– Foreign investment

Consulting in fields of security, finance, banking

Consulting in fields of tax and insurance

Consulting in fields of labor, vocational training

Consulting in fields of intellectual property

Consulting in fields of real estates and construction

Consultation in civil field:

– Marriage and family;

– Inheritance;

– Civil contract;

– Non-contractual representative.

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